Out of the Blues - Total Nervous System Reset

Heal from Emotional Trauma & Narcissistic Abuse so that you can claim your power and stop Co-dependent Patterns | taught by Sarah-Jane Farrell

Course description

Are you an HSP or Empath tired of trying to make everyone happy?

Are you a recovering co-dependent who is ready to stop attracting narcissists into your life?

Did you grow up with an abusive alcoholic or addicted parent who suffered from emotional neglect and know it is time to break free of the not good enough cycle where you believe you are not worthy of finding true love?

Are you ready to get to the root cause of those beliefs at the level of your nervous system and do the work to be safely embodied?

Are you committed to listen to your emotions and re-parent yourself by understanding your attachment wounds?

Are you ready to claim your power and end the self judgement by telling the truth and loving yourself again?

Can you stop making excuses and trust your body’s innate wisdom to restore your health naturally?

In this self paced Total nervous system reset program, you will learn how to self regulate and come out of survival mode so that you can learn and apply the tools until they become second nature to you.

At every new level of growth, you will be equipped to meet the next challenges with confidence and clarity.

As you deepen into living your most authentic life, you will optimise your health and energy by returning to the skills to move through any stressful situation with more ease and joy.

I created the Out of the Blues- total nervous system reset because I have been in the depths of despair you may find yourself in and I want you to know that you can don't need to take years to heal, like I did.

Some of my clients call this program the fast track to health, trauma hacking 101 that actually works. 

I have taken the most effective cutting edge science, pragmatic body mind medicine, psychotherapeutic and somatic exercises I spent over $100k in learning and combined them in an integrative, function and realistic way that anyone can do.

I also know how confusing it can be with so much information out there to even know where to begin or if this will work for you because you have already tried so much. I know you have made some progress but you know there is more and it's completely normal to feel skeptical.

I want you to know that you have not tried this and this program works if you work it!

This 90 day self paced intensive program will give you the right steps in the right order. You will work at the level of your nervous system where all the "stuck trauma" is causing your current health and life challenges.

If you went through my 3 part mini series Healing Trauma you have already learnt a lot about how your childhood shaped you and that time does not heal, it conceals. 

When you make the commitment to make the unconscious conscious, you will have spontaneous healing from pain and upgrade your health, wealth and happiness!

You know deep down inside that constantly searching for answers to your current health or life challenges, running from one expert, healer, therapy, remedy, program – (which has put massive demands on your time, energy and finances) has left you feeling hopeless, angry, broke, exhausted and still feeling sick and tired?

… And even though some of it may have worked for a while and given you temporary pain relief, it just does not seem to hold. 

You know that it’s time for change and that it starts by doing your inner work because no amount of looking for relief in answers outside of you works.

Staying where you are right now is no longer an option.

If this is you, then please know this:

To get to the root of the physical, mental, and emotional turmoil holding you back, you have to go DIRECTLY to where the old programming was originally encoded:


To put it simply… the nervous system tells your brain what to store and what to respond to, that either makes you healthy and happy or sick and miserable!

This program will help you learn how to regulate your nervous system, restore your brain and optimize your body systems so that you can:

  • Break free from old limiting beliefs that no longer serve you and keep you from your personal version of success.

  • Resolve annoying health problems that keep you in a state of low energy or debilitating pain. 

  • Improve relationships because you’re no longer co-dependent or at the affect of other people or situations that trigger stress responses that make you sick and drain your energy.

  • Tune in to your body’s innate wisdom and support it so you become more decisive and productive. You have the confidence to get things done without second guessing yourself which used to leave you feeling burnt out and anxious.

  • Identify your childhood attachment patterns so you can release and heal old stories and traumas, that keep you playing small. You will stop sabotaging your dreams, so that you can experience more joy and success in all areas of your life.

This program will give you a solid foundation to reset your nervous system, balance your brain and heal from emotional abuse. 

When you learn how to work with your bodymind, you stop damaging your brain and restore healthy body systems - no more leaky gut, sleepless nights or numbing down with addictions!

If you suffer from:
-Depression                       -Fatigue
-Memory loss                    -Brain fog
-Inability to focus    -Autoimmunity
-Traumatic brain injury - Stroke
Chronic disease       -Thyroid issues
-Digestive issues      -Insomnia
-Weight gain or loss
-Allergies and skin conditions
-Fybromyalgia or body pain 

-Premature aging

Or any other mystery symptoms and disorders, then this Out of the Blues - Total Nervous System Rest program will give you a solid foundation on which everything else you are doing will get you the results you want.

You will avoid wasting time, money and energy on things you don’t need to do. 

People spend millions each day on quick fixes like supplements and therapies trying to fix a problem, when they don’t really understand what is causing the problem in the first place.

I will show how to evaluate your own body functions in the exact order necessary to give you results that HOLD. 

People often miss one of the foundational steps to resolve their health issue because they are not going to the ROOT cause of what is causing the symptom in the first place. 

We have to stop band aiding symptoms and buying into a sick care model if we are to create lasting change.

Throughout the program you will be consciously and systematically writing your own personal prescription to health, wealth and happiness by working through your own emotions causing stress, pain and illness. 

When you take the time and effort to be honest with yourself in the foundational steps, then you can confidently move through challenging times with flow and grace.

It is my intention to give you the foundational knowledge of how your body mind works aka physiology and how to change your BEology of stress so that by the ned of the trainings you will be confident about how to BE your own medicine and write your personal prescription to healthy, fulfilled, purposeful living.
All the modules are delivered via audio, video and pdf format.

  • Understand the BEolgy of stress on your body – you will use questionnaires and a series of energy clearings, activations and movement based exercises to evaluate your baseline functions to stress and track your progress.
  • You will also get “in touch” with your body sensations and learn how to be present with it so that you can then heal the trauma trapped at a cellular level and release them safely and gently.
  • What animals in the wild teach us about healthy stress release.
  • Adrenal support

When you can interpret your body mind signals and apply the practical support and mindful practices, then you will be able to BE your own medicine and nourish your body mind from the inside out with the BIG 5 – a clean diet, amino acid support, sleep mindfulness and movement. When you apply these systems and practices in to your life, you will restore your brain, calm your stomach and reboot your nervous system naturally so that you can live healthy, confident and inspired.

Warning: Side effects of implementing this program may include – weight loss and inproved digestion,
uncontrollable laughter and optimism,
improved memory and focus,
decreased stress, anxiety and depression
better relationships and libido
increased energy
better sleep
look younger
and much more

“When you change the world within, the world outside changes.”

I’ve designed this program to be simple and easy for you to digest and implement, because I don’t want it to be source of stress… I want it to be a source of healing and to give you the confidence to write your own prescription. The modules are easy to go through and all the support materials will give you exactly what you need, to begin creating a plan for optimum health and happiness.

Right now you’re at a crossroads.

You have a choice.

You can continue on as you have been — stressed-out, depressed, exhausted, and not living fully expressed in your true divine nature — or you can move forward, heal your body, nourish yourself from the inside out … and get your joy back!

I hope you choose the latter because it is so worth it and I have seen my private clients get incredible results.

There are 13 lessons with 3-6 mixed format sub lessons within each lesson plus additional support and bonus materials being added all the time to ensure you get the results you desire that ensure you never have to get stuck in the same old pattern repeats ever again.

Here is an a taste of what you will receive in the Out of the Blues program:

Module 1: BE – ology of Stress

This is where it all begins!

Pace yourself and just take one piece at a time. We all learn differently so remember to choose what works for you. The whole point of this program is to reduce STRESS not add overwhelm. I want you to get the results you are looking for. Some people prefer to have the whole program all at once whilst others prefer to have daily action steps drip fed over 30 days.

So you decide how much you want to take in each day. If you take a piece daily and integrate it and then action it by the end of 30 days you should be seeing huge benefits.

Your nervous system controls everything from your immune system to your digestive system to your brain health. So only you get to choose if you break down or build it back up to its optimum level. Together, we will determine exactly where you are in terms of your personal stressor, so we can create a customized plan based on what you need in order to restore balance … and reclaim your energy.

You will receive:
Your first dose of healing – BEology of Belief 101

• Get your Ace score and test your resilience
• How to practice Mindful change and orient to your body
• Get to the root cause of your stress in your brain and re write your story
• You will learn how your nervous system and brain works,
• Where your adrenal function is now in relation to your peak performance
• What state your nervous system is in and how to self calm
• Where your body mind system is headed
• Test for pyoloria and individual amino acid protocol
• Adrenal supplementation
• Elixirs for health including my bone broth recipe
• The Peace Process
• Energetic clearing audio – Release and clear past shock and trauma systems from past lives, ancestral, familial and cultural kharma and psychic attachments triggering allergic responses and stressors
• Clear, calm and grounding your energies activation

• Laying the foundation for success in moving from stress to fully expressed naturally,
• Its never about depression
• You will learn how your nervous system and brain works,
• where your adrenal function is now in relation to your peak performance (audio track)
• what state your nervous system is in
• where your body mind system is headed
• The specific amino acids and natural support you can use to restore your adrenals to optimal health
• How to listen to your body’s innate wisdom, what red flags its giving you, how to track your progress and restore your adrenal health effectively.
• How stress affects every area of your health, from your blood pressure to your digestion to your waistline to your sex drive—and how this manifests in your life.

You will get these worksheets and support audios:
• 5 Element personality profile questionnaire to identify your primary archetype and main stressors so you can change them (pdf format)
• Anxiety self assessment questionnaire (pdf format)
• Adrenal stress profile questionnaire (pdf format)
• Amino acid questionnaire
• Mindfulness guided exercise
• The peace process to pain rleief
• Meditations and movement based stress release
• Water element – kidney, bladder and thyroid and the consciousness of existential fear, survival and control issues and how to move through the watery emotions in a healthy way

“ Taking the Out of the Blues program was the best decision I have ever made for me. I had a very traumatic start to life born premature and later a near drowning incident at 3 years old. Being able to heal from my core woundings and read my body signals so I can auto correct my stress response has been such a relief. I am no longer suffering from debilitating migraines or panic attacks and am enjoying my life for the first time ever. Thank you for this life changing course and your amazing support along the way”
~Cindy Bennet, Ontario, Canada

Module 2: A spoon full of physiology

• Understand the BEolgy of stress on your body – you will use questionnaires and a series of energy clearings, activations and movement based exercises to evaluate your baseline functions to stress and track your progress.
90 minute video training

• You will also get “in touch” with your body sensations and how to be present with it so that you can then heal the trauma trapped at a cellular level and release them safely and gently.
• What animals in the wild teach us about healthy stress release

Because stress is at the root of your nervous system and adrenal imbalance, the first step on your path back to whole health is to equip yourself with proven strategies for handling stress.

You will learn:
• A simple activity that will take you from fight-or-flight to calm, focused and balanced in just minutes each day.
• Tools for transforming stressful moments into resourceful ones.
• How to tame your emotional demons so you stop sabotaging your efforts to change old programs, belief systems and pattern interrupts.
• Recognizing your common triggers and how to change them
• Strategies for turning stress into coherence.
• Where your adrenals are and exactly what their role is, so you can begin learning how to nourish them.
• Exactly where that spare tyre around your waistline comes from, and how you can effectively move it.
• Toxins and detoxing the liver
• Blood sugars and your pancreas
• Subliminal clearings to release excess weight

“ I have always felt like something was off, I did not recall any huge trauma in my life that could have triggered years of fibromyalgia and thought I would have to live with the constant pain. Sarah-Jane has the uncanny ability to connect the dots of my life experiences and empower me to know I am not my family genetics. My grandparents were both survivors of the Holocaust and although I had a great childhood, working through the past life and ancestral trauma has not only increased the connection with my family but my last bone density scan showed an 80% improvement in just 3 months, I no longer live in constant pain and heavy metal toxicity results are astounding.
Judy Rosenfield, Sussex, UK

You will receive:
• Blood sugar instability questionnaire
• Social stress rating scale chart
• Detoxification questionnaire
• Immunity boost – energetic clearing to boost the thymus gland and spleen and purify your blood stream
• Weight release audio to sleep yourself to your healthy body weight
• Metal element – audio class lungs, large intestine and skin. How to give your mind a job in supporting you to de stress and reboot your nervous system by moving through grief and stop holding on to stories and meaning making.

Go through the resource material and pick a movement of your choice to add to your daily self care rituality from from the videos
Somatic release – feldenkrais method
Resistance stretching
Walking meditation

It’s important to handle stress in a controlled, systematic approach if you want to lighten the load on your body long-term. Please note that stress leading to anxiety, burnout and depression is complicated and very individual. This program is designed to empower you to START your journey back to health and vitality so that you have the energy and confidence to continue on your journey back to living in your True Nature as nature intended.
“Out of the Blues Introductory masterclass to heal from chronic stress naturally” homestudy program is just the beginning and you will see results in 30 days if you follow it.

It is an accumulation of cutting edge science and ancient wisdom over 20 years of training in the field of trauma and working with thousands of clients with the exact same energetic techniques, functional medicine systems and nutritional support that will help you minimise stress and restore your health.

• How much would it be worth to you to be in charge of your life again and be your own medicine?
• How much is it costing you to NOT be living to your full potential when it comes to vital energy, mental clarity, and joy?
• How much would it be worth to be able to enjoy all adventure and mystery of a life fully expressed without the limits that your nervous system shut down, adrenal fatigue and brain fog puts on you?
• How much additional income will you be able to receive when you are at optimum health? (One of my clients quadrupled her income after a few months, once she got through this foundational work.)

Can you even put a price on it?
To tell you the truth, I really struggled to give this program away at such a ridiculously low price.

It is the result of many years of research, thousands of dollars in education, and hundreds of hours of experience.

This “Out of the Blues Vital Body Mind Reset” stress busting, health restoring program is a complete guide that
has the potential to completely transform your life.

The beta test group said I was crazy to price this on special for only $997. I could easily make a case for selling this for $1997 or more. 

You would spend several thousand dollars to get the help of a trained functional medicine practitioner to take you through a full bodymind reset program, one-on-one.

Today, I’m not going to charge you $1997.
Putting yourself first and regaining your energy is going to be easy at this price.

I am on a mission to get this program into the hands of as many people as possible so that they can reclaim their health and happiness naturally and have the confidence and the knowledge to BE their own medicine!!


“I had to admit when I started my session with Sarah-Jane I was a little skeptical. I’ve done a lot of “inner work”, meditation, focusing, etc. I know myself pretty well and my “stories” so I was worried we were just going to go over my same old stories and excuses. Boy was I wrong! In literally what seemed like a few minutes, Sarah-Jane got me to slow down, focus in on myself in a new way despite all the work I’ve done. I was able to quickly make links between childhood trauma and how it was continually showing up as sabotaging my business & relationships and recurring bouts of back pain that would leave me bed ridden for weeks on end. It was amazing how connecting the dots in these seemingly unrelated areas of my life started to uncover one solution that would work for my whole life. I feel like I now have control over how I live and when I see my old patterns show up, I know what to do before it create havoc. At the risk of sounding cliche-ish, I was a skeptic but now I’m a believer. Sarah-Jane truly has shown me how to write my own prescription for happiness and health.
~Jaqueline O’Brien, Sussex, UK

“Its taken me almost 6 decades to realize with Sarah-Jane’s True Nature Mindfulness process and uncanny ability to get to the root cause of my panic attacks. In process when I connected to myself at age 14 when my mother told me I would amount to nothing and constantly belittled me, telling me I was stupid. I realized that belief system had been the unconscious driving force that had been stifling my success. I have always made good money but would always lose it as fast as I made it to “stupid” investments and not being able to trust myself when some smooth talking con artist came along. After that big breakthrough in my first session with Sarah-Jane, I felt so relieved to know it was not my fault and instantly began to feel different both emotionally and physically. I highly recommend investing your time to work with her, if you have been wondering why you keep attracting abusive people or just know that you are not reaching your full potential no matter what you do to change it.”
~L’Oreal R, Cape Town, SA

My confidence has soared and I am full of energy and inspiration again! Before working with Sarah-Jane I was struggling to fill my practice, stuck in the feast or famine, frustrated. I lost the joy of why I got into the happiness and trauma release biz in the first place. I was going no where. Sarah-Jane is a combination of strong intuition, strong medicine and the delivery of solid, conscious business practices. She helped me heal from adrenal fatigue, and I got crystal clear on my dream client, and dug deep into my personal beliefs to realise my first online program and the foundation of my training. I have been invited to speak on radio and television, signing new clients and working less so I can spend more time renovating my dream house and living up to my brand. Thank you for getting me back on my purpose driven life and spreading happiness like a contagion around the world.
~Anjana Lala, Johannesburg, SA

I had no idea that my dog’s aggression had anything to do with my a hip replacement and multiple surgeries on my right knee that had me in constant low grade pain. With Sarah-Jane’s help not only did my pain go away but my dog become calm and settled again. I did not realize that he has been trying to show me through his “bad behavior” where I needed to address so much anger towards my ex husbands narcisstic abuse that I had endured for so many years. Sarah-Jane gently allowed me to go back to watching my own mother endure an unhappy marriage with my alcaholic father. Being able to forgive myself and in so doing forgive them has changed the relationship I now have with them both and find a man who honors me for the women I am.
I am so grateful through this work that I have been able to reset my nervous system and come down off a freeze state that had been broken at the knees.
~Gail E, Ontario, Canada


  • A relatively self-aware and healthy person, but for some reason you can’t shake your tricky-to-treat health conditions. You’ve tried the best western, eastern, alternative and even “woo-woo” modes of healing and you and even your helpers are totally stumped at what you’re missing.

  • An individual passionate about your health who wants cutting-edge knowledge, skillful guidance and practice that will stand the test of time.

  • A heart-based or holistic practitioner and you want to enhance your capacity and hone your intuitive senses. You want to make a positive impact with your clients with less effort and greater results.

  • A Type-A, massive overachiever who is recovering from burnout and a life of “go-go-go.” You want a more intelligent way of moving forward in your life and business without the fallout of chronic stress and the other consequences that can come with that. (For example: chronic pain and muscle tension, immune system problems, bouts of anxiety and depression, sleep disturbances, digestive troubles, autoimmune disease etc.)


  • Want a quick fix and aren’t willing to do any work.

  • Refuse to make time for yourself and prioritize your time to fit in “on most days of the week” 10-20 minutes to practice the exercises, and the “occasional day” wherein you might need 20-40 minutes to engage in the longer teaching videos and practice sessions.

  • Aren’t ready to face potentially uncomfortable emotions and sensations that will help to unlock old patterns and harmful habits that aren’t serving you anymore so that you can leap ahead and make positive progress.

  • Aren’t ready to face healing, and potentially unfamiliar and uncomfortable emotions and sensations that will help to unlock old patterns and harmful habits that aren’t serving you anymore so that you can leap ahead and make positive progress.


I get it, sometimes it’s hard to trust a new promise and program when you’ve tried SO many other things, this is a normal and healthy response! But I want to make sure you get a chance to try this unique healing program, so I’m offering you a …



You can test drive the program for 30 days. If at the end of the first 30 days, you aren’t satisfied what you are learning, I will refund your money under ONE stipulation: that you’ve actually participated in the program and have done the work (the video trainings, audio neurosensory exercises, training calls, readings etc.). While I realize this is a high-level honor system, I trust that you will be honest with me and yourself. This is Adult Learning and I expect my students to truly honor their investment and show up for themselves. This is about being a good student for yourself, not me.

The material in this 90 day self paced program is potent and works when followed and practiced. For some people, they need the entire 90 days and more time to witness positive effects (this is why you get Lifetime Membership so you can repeat the program for as long as I run it including all the new materials I continue to add!).It is cutting edge science meets ancient wisdom at its best. For other people, changes occur immediately. Everyone is different and I don’t want to hide this basic fact. I really want you to succeed in your quest for optimal health and healing, but it does mean giving it your all. Showing up and doing this work. No quick fixes here. If you’re ready to make a significant change in your life, this will help. But, if even after giving it a 100% go you’re still not satisfied, I’ll refund your payment.

As with all my private work and programs, because I know they work, I offer a 30 day 100% money back guarantee if you have done the work and honestly feel that it has not been of any benefit to you, I will refund your investment. All I ask is that you commit to change and show up fully. We will ask you to submit some feedback forms and that you get on Skype for a 1:1 conversation with you to see how we can better serve you.

"Sarah-Jane and the True Nature Systems is like having my own Deepak Chopra, Shaman and medicine women in my back pocket. I have learnt so much about myself and trust myself to be my own healer naturally. Its like a black cloud that has followed me for the past 30 years has lifted and I have the energy and mental focus to get out and live into my purpose!”
L’oreal Rudman, Joburg, SA

Ability to Accept Terms
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The information on this program is NOT INTENDED or IMPLIED to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. WE DO NOT OFFER MEDICAL ADVICE, COURSE OF TREATMENT, DIAGNOSIS OR ANY OTHER OPINION on your conditions or treatment options. SERVICES OR PRODUCTS THAT YOU OBTAIN THROUGH THIS PROGRAM are for information purposes only and not offered as medical or psychological advice, guidance or treatment.
Please consult a medical professional if you are experiencing illness, depression, anxiety, mood swings or if you have any other medical condition. All content, including text, graphics, images and information, contained on or available through this web site is for general information purposes only.

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Anyone using a medical device such as a pacemaker, defibrillator, insulin pump or other device that may be affected by environmental factors should not partake in activities, including, but not limited to, Energy medicine or Vibrational Therapies, as they may interrupt these devices.

Pregnant Women
Pregnant women should not begin a detox program without the express consent of their doctor. Running the energy clearings and adding supplements, vitamins or amino acids and other protocols will begin tonifying and detoxifying your bodymind and you should always consult your doctor or specialist before beginning any lifestyle change of this nature.

Affiliate Relationships

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Sarah-Jane Farrell
Sarah-Jane Farrell
Total Nervous System Reset & Recovery For HSP's & Empaths. You can heal from narcissistic & emotional abuse and attachment trauma patterns. Learn how to trust and love yourself fully again.

I help highly adult children of alcaholic parents, HSP's and empaths break free from narcissistic abuse, emotional trauma  and co dependency. You can heal from unresolved trauma and faulty belief systems the you get to the root cause of your childhood coping patterns at the level of the nervous system, It is possible to love and trust you are enough, so that you can live a happy, fulfilled and abundant life being all authentically you!

It's time to embrace your intuitive capacities and be your own medicine!

It's time to Illuminate and answer the call to offer your gifts to the world now. Help Heal the Planet by healing yourself and rise up out of the shadows.

Turn on Your Strengths, Break Free of Unwanted Patterns, and
Own Your Authentic Power.

So often, people feel like "there's got to be more to life..." Shamanic practices are all about POWER, personal power, when you are feeling dispassionate, disconnected, foggy, or unmotivated this signals a loss of personal power. 

Here are all my credentials

Please contact Sarah-Jane directly if you have any questions or concerns at:

Email: sj@sarahjanediamond.com

Skype: sarah.jane.farrell

Mobile: +27832565514

Course Curriculum

Welcome to the Out of the Blues Program
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Exercise in amplifying tension and a slow release
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Lesson #3: What adrenals have to do with stress and a healthy nervous system
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Lesson 4#: Adrenaline support and more physiology
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Lesson #5: Recap in adrenals stress response
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Lesson #7: Adrenal supplements and lab basics
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Lesson #8: Natural movement and exercise
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Lesson 9: The gut-brain axis video lesson
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Lesson #10 Part 1: Food and addiction
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Lesson 10: introduction video
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Lesson #10 Part 2: Lying down body scan the art of non doing part 2
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Intro be ology of good digestion and trusting your gut
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be ology of a healthy gut document
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Lesson #10 part 3: Be ology of a healthy gut
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Lesson 10 part 3 continued: documentation video
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Lesson #10 part 3 continued: Be ology of a healthy gut
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It's never about depression
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Recap on stress physiology and action steps questionnaires
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Recap on stress physiology and action steps questionnaires audio
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Lesson 11: recap lying down body scan
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Lesson 12: walking mindfulness meditation
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Lesson 13: review be ology of stress
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Adrenals kidney support
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What adrenals have to do the stress and the nervous system response
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Leaky gut triggers
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Energy healing chakra system reset
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Movement in neuroscience_A purpose driven life
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