The Medicine Wheel - Going with the Flow with the 4 compass directions from Pain to Pleasure

Expanding your Joy through the Medicine Wheel | taught by Sarah-Jane Farrell
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This beautiful home study program is all about coming full circle body, mind, heart and spirit so that you can flow into and deepen your relationship with all the mysteries of being an active participant with your life.

Have you been locking up your life, living and body trying to understand what life is all about?

Have you ever asked yourself questions like:

• “Why is the point of being here?”

• “What does it mean to be truly conscious?”

• “How do I live in my truth to become the co creator of my life?”

• “How do I live more present without being at the destructive effect of outside influences I

• cannot control?”

• “What is this uneasiness and chaos I am feeling and how can I change it?”

If you have chosen to journey with me on this introduction to quantum physics, consciousness and wonder which includes a 4 part pre recorded tele class series, then you know what it is to have moments of extreme clarity and truth and swing unhinged at

times from elation to confusion and overwhelm. What I know to be true is that in order for us to embrace the ever changing landscape and navigate through the unknown in life requires a constant state of practice and remembering who we are and what we are becoming. It is a relationship, a surrender of sorts that has no one way or answer.

That is flow - it is a knowing deep down that in order to know pure joy, one has to know sadness.

It takes a commitment to go anyway, to jump anyway and when you land to choose again. You are the co creator

of your life and you get to choose to be content or not - it is a temporary state beyond control, beyond aligning and agreeing or resisting and reacting.

Everything is just choice and for me, the gifts and lessons from animals and nature have shown me that it is possible to flow from a space of connection and allowance of what is - in that moment by shifting and changing position to that of more ease and grace and reverence to my environment with all things. Just as it is with all animals in nature, it requires my willingness to engage, my willingness to trust, play, share and listen in order to grow and thrive as a healthy communion. It requires an opening of the heart for when there is love,judgment and separation cannot exist!

I often wonder, what happened to our hearts?

When did we stop receiving the very thing we long for - that whole body, mind,heart, spirit connection, the belonging?

When we as a species made the mind greater than the body of intuitive being we moved into creating stability points around fear and mis trust that cut us off from the inter connectedness with nature and our capacity to thrive.

We forgot who we are, the deep knowing and bought the lies and bio mimetic mimicking systems of others as true when they are not. We stopped asking questions and gave up believing what is possible for fear of...

We have through cultural mores and moralities been programmed to see the body as a sin, to cut off our omni sexual ness that our bodies as our greatest consciousness facilitators offer us. They never leave us, the mind takes us out of the simple pleasures of receiving sensate connections like touch and deprives us of our connection. If we just reconnect with our physical bodies instead of abusing the body and making it wrong life becomes fuller and richer. So in this journey together I invite you to employ the ego/ mind to contribute to YOU.

I’ve spent a life-time struggling to create flow. Making myself wrong, going against my true nature and abusing my body in so many ways. I am so grateful I have allowed myself the moments of madness to go deep in to fertile listening to nature, to my soul urge, to my heart so that I can assist you and myself to receive more deeply and gracefully in the breaking down of the old paradigms and enter in to a higher more conscious state of being in the world. It often leaves me breathless and in awe. To dance in a state of grace is the magic of simply being in flow, dancing with the molecules of this thing we call life.

I hope you will join me in receiving this master-class series where you will remember you are flow and an integral part of this rich tapestry called life through the ancient wisdom of the medicine wheel used by so many indigenous cultures throughout history.

This master class series includes:

The beginning - exploring the world of quantum physics, connections, fractals and sacred geometry

Class 1 Light the fire within The Mind: Truth versus True Self, the Anti-You Ego, Head tripping, and the Element of Fire

Class 2 The Heart coming home to the flow of Emotions: Forming Expansive Nurturing Relationships, Separation sickness, and the Element of Water

Class 3 The Body Trusting your gut in the Body: The I am presence, rest phase and inner quiet, and the Element of Earth

Class 4 Spirit The Breath of Life in Spirit: The gift of being you as the contribution to the whole through the Element of Air

No matter how the magic of life is trying to speak to you, I've found that it can be extremely helpful to recognize that it is indeed, at its core, a relationship. As you create a more loving and truthful relationship with your essential self, your relationship with the mystery of life begins to shift and improve. Whether you commune with a greater power, spirit guides, animal guides or you simply enjoy dancing with the various aspects of consciousness – learning the language of this relationship can be a life altering experience.

I would like to share with you a foundation of understanding that has helped my skeptical, analytical, science seeking left brain feel more at ease with this mysterious relationship. Science holds a key that can help unlock the mind and create a grounded enriching relationship with spirit.

Come join me as I weave together insights that have radically changed my life from an experience of pain, sadness, and hopelessness [for the human race] to feelings of awe, wonder, playful curiosity and deep reverence for the divine creator of all things.

This foundational introductory class is the launching pad for accessing your inner curiosity while seeing the world in radically new ways.

This class is a strong recommendation to review as foundation class prior to all my other private and online offerings.

We will explore and enriched your sense of connection to all things so that you can have a deeper sense of grace, inner peace and harmony. You are a creator within the quantum fractals and it is time for you to be seen as such.

Along with the audio recordings of this telecourse, you will also receive supplementary resources, quantum energy healings, guided meditations and bonus audio lessons downloads to help you integrate the topic matters. I will guide you with love and kindness to transform any fear of the ego into an empowering story of personal growth. It is time to take a leap of perception and discover who you came here to be - your beautiful self!

This truly is a journey on the spiral path, where you can celebrate your beautiful minds and employ them with a new position and permission of generating, creating and restoring your divine birthright to thrive in the natural state of flow and ease that has and always will live in the heart of our true nature. Vulnerable, expanded and open to thrive in the I am presence of al that

you truly have come here to be.

Follow your own truth, your inner pilot light - your compass direction of true North and the freedom to be.

I don’t have all the answers. I believe that we don’t have to go through life feeling alone, confused and unsettled by the quickening and disruption of the times we live in. Science has proven that we are more connected than we have ever imagined and

that everything holds its own consciousness. Like the web that has no weaver we can change our reality and play our unique part in growing a thriving, sustainable planet for all life forms.

If you are still reading this, then you already know that you desire more flow, grace and joy in your life.

The flow is a smoother transition of the ups and down of the natural state of flow in your life where you feel more confident, clear and focused, and everything around you is in harmony with a constant flow of energy in resonance with the natural world.

Do you know that when you stop resisting flow and become more mindful of being the co creator of your life everything changes as if by magic.

Let us begin!

Sarah-Jane Farrell
Sarah-Jane Farrell
Total Nervous System Reset & Recovery For HSP's & Empaths. You can heal from narcissistic & emotional abuse and attachment trauma patterns. Learn how to trust and love yourself fully again.

I help highly adult children of alcaholic parents, HSP's and empaths break free from narcissistic abuse, emotional trauma  and co dependency. You can heal from unresolved trauma and faulty belief systems the you get to the root cause of your childhood coping patterns at the level of the nervous system, It is possible to love and trust you are enough, so that you can live a happy, fulfilled and abundant life being all authentically you!

It's time to embrace your intuitive capacities and be your own medicine!

It's time to Illuminate and answer the call to offer your gifts to the world now. Help Heal the Planet by healing yourself and rise up out of the shadows.

Turn on Your Strengths, Break Free of Unwanted Patterns, and
Own Your Authentic Power.

So often, people feel like "there's got to be more to life..." Shamanic practices are all about POWER, personal power, when you are feeling dispassionate, disconnected, foggy, or unmotivated this signals a loss of personal power. 

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Course Curriculum

Class 1: The direction of North The Mind: Self Awareness, the Ego, Meaning Making, and the Element of Fire
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Class 2 Direction of the South, Heart: Emotions, Forming Healthy Relationships, Community, and the Element of Water
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Class 3 of the medicine wheel -Direction of the West- Body: Presence, Stillness, and the Element of Earth
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Class 4 Direction of West - Spirit: Co-Creation, and the Element of Air
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Going with the flow homestudy
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Expanding space to connect with beings to assist you in receiving you
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Guidebook to creating a magical life
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SJ expansion exercise
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Telecall: receiving from animal totems and animal spirit guides
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The infinity loop of harmony
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Welcome to the Shadow Dancing portal - turning your blindspots into trust and truth telling
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